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3 Best Root Canal Alternatives

For many years now, traditional and general dentistry has tried to use root canal therapy as a way to “save” a deeply damaged or infected tooth. It wasn’t until a few years back, that research began to show the horrific side effects root canals pose. Dr. Alicea, a holistic dentist in Tampa, FL, at Your Desired Smile, knows that in its essence, a root canal creates a dead tooth that stays in the patient’s mouth and can lead to chronic, systemic illnesses. Serious health conditions such as autoimmune diseases, musculoskeletal diseases,  Crohn’s disease, Fibromyalgia depression, and cancer have been known to be linked to root canals. In fact, one cancer expert found that 98% of his patients had infections stemming from root canal teeth. 

As a holistic dentist in Tampa, FL, patients often ask us here at Your Desired Smile, “Are there alternatives to root canal? The answer is: YES! There are several alternatives to this treatment that eliminate the bacteria and toxins that would otherwise be trapped in the infected or dead tooth. 

Top Three Root Canal Alternatives Are:

Zirconia Implants:
Zirconia implants are the one of the best root canal alternatives. These biocompatible tooth restorations provide stability, function and feel. Dr. Alicea, a holistic dentist in Tampa, FL, would use Zirconia implants to replace your natural tooth root, providing you a more natural and aesthetically pleasing look and feel. Because zirconia implants are metal-free, they are corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic, and they provide a much faster recovery time. 

Dental Bridges:
Dental bridges are a great biocompatible option for replacing most teeth. During this procedure, a missing tooth is replaced with natural-looking porcelain and then attached to your existing teeth. 

Dental Crowns:
We often get asked if it’s possible to have a crown without a root canal and the answer is yes – most crowns do not need a root canal. In fact, dental crowns can be used any time a tooth is damaged or needs to be strengthened, restored to its original shape or given a natural appearance.  

To hear more about your options for root canal alternatives from a holistic dentist in Tampa, FL, call Your Desired Smile  at 813-580-5244 or email us at to schedule an appointment today. For dental tips, tricks and updates from our office, follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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