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With your comfort and wellbeing in mind, Dr. Alicia is one of very few holistic dentists in Tampa Bay with the technology and expertise to offer Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) treatment. PRF is an organic treatment that magnifies your body’s natural healing properties.

PRF treatment is created from the patient’s blood, placed in a centrifuge to separate and concentrate the white blood cells and fibrin in blood plasma from the red cells. When the mixture is applied to the area of a tooth extraction or other type of dental surgery, the PRF stimulates stem cells to grow new tissue very quickly, thus speeding up the healing process.

PRF treatment has many benefits. The safe and effective procedure decreases the risk for infections, failed bone grafting, failed dental implants and dry socket after a tooth extraction. PRF also reduces the risk of surgical complications. PRF provides relief from pain and swelling while speeding up the healing process for both the gums and bone. It also improves the strength of bone integration into dental implants. Procedures that benefit the most from PRF are tooth extractions, dental implants as well as bone and gum grafting.

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