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Permanent dentures in Tampa & Odessa FL

Tampa Permanent (Fixed) dentures are an effective technique to implant and cure the decaying teeth arch or several teeth once and for all. Implant-supported permanent dentures are modern and superior when compared with temporary dentures and other parallel implant treatments. The oral surgery takes only a few hours and has a swift recovery period of only two to three months.

The contemporary methods practised at our Tampa And Odessa dental clinic are digitally more accurate and finely tuned with the latest technology. Our patients at Tampa accept permanent dentures over alternative oral treatments to refill their happiness and to regain their lost smiles even more cheerfully.

Permanent dentures in Tampa and Odessa FL

Permanent (Fixed) Denture Services Tampa FL

Our Fixed denture services at Tampa Odessa are managed by experienced dentists. An oral surgeon is designated to each patient that guides them throughout the process.

Under local anaesthesia, titanium-based plates are implanted into jawbones. It takes up to three months until the plates are properly fused into the jawbone. Afterwards, depending on the patient’s recovery and titanium fusion status, surgeons add extensions and then execute permanent dentures, enabling patients to chew freely with artificial teeth.

Permanent dentures are sturdy and last for a lifetime with the exact stability and strength as natural teeth. After the recovery period, keep following the instructions provided by your dentist for the next six to eight months depending on your healing status.