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At Your Desired Smile, we believe that early prevention is key to maintaining a happy and healthy mouth. With our CariVu™ detection tool, Dr. Alicea can precisely and accurately locate early signs of tooth decay and treat your tooth to provide it with the strength and protection it needs.

We believe it is our duty to work hard to help you keep a healthy mouth by diagnosing and treating problems early on. CariVu™ is a small, hand-held tool that helps dental professionals detect tooth decay at the earliest stage possible. This painless procedure allows for our team to simply and comfortably insert the CariVu™ into your mouth where it will “hug” your tooth and immerse it in near-infrared light. The light will cause your enamel to appear transparent, but decay and lesions will absorb the light and appear dark. From this absorption, we can precisely target the damage and create individualized treatment plans that will give your tooth the care it needs.

CariVu™ is a great alternative to patients who prefer to avoid traditional X-rays. For more information about CariVu™ and other types of state-of-the-art technology we use in our office, please call us at 813-580-5244.