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A cavitation is an unhealed hole in the jawbone, usually where a tooth has been removed, and the bone has not healed properly. Oftentimes, when a tooth is extracted, the surrounding periodontal membrane is usually left behind. Theoretically, after a tooth has been pulled, the body naturally fills in the space in the bone where the tooth once was. But when the membrane is left behind, an incomplete healing can take place; a hole or a spongy place remains inside the jaw bone. Because wisdom teeth are the most commonly extracted teeth, cavitations are most frequently found in the wisdom tooth sites.

Bone Cavitation Treatment 

Many times, cavitations go undetected for years in an otherwise healthy person, and the majority of people diagnosed with cavitation are those also suffering from other chronic health issues. Treatment for cavitation typically starts by surgically removing dead bone, tissue, and other debris. Additional treatment options include the use of lasers and ozone treatment, and probiotics and other natural products/techniques. Once applied, these methods create a clean and sterile environment that promotes healing at the site, and throughout the whole body.

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