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Amalgam & Mercury Removal in Tampa & Odessa FL

Did you know that silver or amalgam fillings contain approximately 50% mercury? Mercury is a highly toxic element. Research shows that silver or amalgam fillings expose your body to harmful mercury toxics. Lucky for you, Dr. Alicea at Your Desired Smile in Odessa, FL and Tampa, FL is a highly skilled holistic dentist and specializes in safe mercury amalgam removal technique

Here’s how a holistic dentist  such as Dr. Alicea at Your Desired Smile would go about safely removing your amalgam fillings:

Our patients receive the utmost care and wholesome oral treatment, thanks to a completely digitalized inspection and operation services and fully equipped staff.

In addition to general dentistry, our cosmetic dentists in Tampa make sure you are a proper fit for the surgery before moving on to the next step. We arrange a free consultation session for patients to let them weigh in on the possible outcomes and guidelines by our professional dentists before moving on to the operational stage.

Amalgam & Mercury Removal Process Tampa FL

  • Our team would install an amalgam separator and maintain it properly. This device would prevent amalgam or mercury waste from entering the wastewater and going into the environment.
  • Our operatories are installed with high-volume air filters that remove mercury vapor and particles cast into the air during the amalgam or mercury removal.
  • Prior to the procedure, the patient is given some charcoal or chlorella to rinse and swallow to protect against any mercury that possibly enters the circulation during the removal procedure. 
  • To protect the safety of our staff and patients, Dr. Alicea, a holistic dentist in Tampa, FL, and his dental team wear protective gowns and head-coverings, as well as properly sealed respiratory-grade masks, designed to capture mercury. 
  • We equip our patient with full body and head covering including a head, face, and mask barrier. To ensure our patient is not inhaling mercury vapor or amalgam particulates, we give them oxygen through a nasal mask. 
  • To prevent amalgam from entering the patient’s throat, a rubber clean up suction is placed.
  • Approximately 2-4 inches from the patient’s mouth, an at-source oral aerosol vacuum is placed to minimize mercury exposure.
  • The amalgam itself is sectioned into chunks and removed in the largest pieces possible. 
  • Lots of water is used during the cutting of the amalgam to reduce heat. A high-speed evacuation device is used to capture mercury discharge.
  • Upon removal of the mercury, the patient’s mouth is flushed with water and then rinsed.
  • According to federal, state and local regulations, our team safely handles the disposable mercury-contaminated components. 

For more on this protocol, including scientific references, visit the IAOMT’s website. To learn more about our safe amalgam removal technique from a holistic dentist in Odessa, FL or Tampa, FL, and to discuss your options, call  Your Desired Smile at 813-580-5244 or email us at

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